About Us

Colette 'The HIIT Mum' Mc Shane & Claire Glenda

The HIIT Kitchen

Colette AKA The The Hiit MumTM is a well know fitness professional with a HUGE passion food and is a whizz in the kitchen.  She whips up the most amazing recipes (which Claire is always hassling her to write down!!).

She tries to eat pretty clean most of the time, however… "I am completely human and allow myself treats and never deprive myself of something if I really really want it. I would rather just have a little bit of it than go wanting. If you have worked hard for it and if you are where you want to be and in maintenance mode, then you should absolutely reward yourself. My vice is a beautiful glass of wine with some good quality chocolate, what’s yours?"

Claire is a recipe creator and food stylist with a love for making healthy family food accessible for busy people.  She has a long running food and beverage background and is passionate about food security.

These plans are created with EVERYONE in mind, they are non exclusive (we believe balance is key!) but offer alternatives for those with intolerance etc.

All meals are tried and tested AND loved by families all over!

Thousands of people have lost thousands and kilos and cms using our programs combined with regular exercise.